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English-Hindi > commiseration" sentence in Hindi

commiseration in a sentence

41.One of the leaders of the MQM, Farooq Sattar, expressed his commiserations to the injured journalists and the families of those killed during the riots.

42.Sparrow likes commiseration : " It is a pain to have to do this, and I can tell you're really worn out ."

43.Deep down what Ecuador is looking for is to create an uncomfortable international situation, provoke a certain sympathy, a certain international commiseration in favor of Ecuador,

44.Such is the nature of the crime, that the miscreant is precluded from every hope of commiseration, and lives the object of reproach and scorn ."

45.Our old vet, who still makes house calls for us when we need him to, showed up at the door, giving me a look of commiseration.

46.In other cases, where communication breaks down, where shared affinities lead to contention rather than commiseration, they reinforce the protagonist's solitary sense of self.

47.With two or more days in the shelter still ahead, and an uncertain future beyond the storm, the evacuees rely on one another for commiseration and sympathy.

48.Responding to the commiserations of E . S . B .  s owner, the Queen Mother famously commented : " Oh, that's racing !"

49.If all those members, who subsequently offered the hockey section their commiserations, had voted in its favour, the section would not have been  thrown out.

50.By then, Jonsson already had dropped and the two skiers seemed to exchange a few words of celebration and commiseration as they lay side by side in the snow.

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