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English-Hindi > compartmentalization" sentence in Hindi

compartmentalization in a sentence

11.Tilghman says she juggled her responsibilities in part by " brain compartmentalization.

12.Compartmentalization Theory 101-- How does the brain respond to abnormal attention?

13.This clearly demonstrated the existence of some sort of compartmentalization between the two.

14.Low technology can typically be practised or fabricated with a minimum of compartmentalization.

15.There are historic reasons for the compartmentalization of art into museums and galleries.

16.The compartmentalization of development meant that the characters were voiced by different actors.

17.This process, called compartmentalization, shuts out possible damage by insects or disease.

18.For us, the usual tiny family rooms meant an absurd compartmentalization of space.

19.Or perhaps we have, with Dodson, a man skilled in emotional compartmentalization.

20.For history dehydration, the symptom and the ailment are the same : compartmentalization.

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