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English-Hindi > compartmentalization" sentence in Hindi

compartmentalization in a sentence

21.It is a process of progressive dissociation and compartmentalization of the mind and personality.

22.These regulatory subunits play an important role in substrate specificity as well as compartmentalization.

23.Luckily, according to McGrath, " he has quite a gift for compartmentalization.

24.Woody plants defend themselves by walling off the wounded tissue in a process called compartmentalization.

25.Nice compartmentalization if you can acquire it.

26.You have to have some compartmentalization here,

27.The way to attack the problem and hopefully reduce our stress levels is by compartmentalization.

28.Furthermore, they have no compartmentalization and there is no information content in the molecules.

29.Additional watertight compartmentalization was also added ( previously, there had been only seven ).

30.There is an unsourced stub article Compartmentalization.

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