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English-Hindi > cringes" sentence in Hindi

cringes in a sentence

21.I still sort of cringe when I walk through the airport.

22.I cringed, however, about the damage to the minivan.

23.Doctors cringed at the thought of Maleeka's miserable fate.

24.And Williams cringes at the mere mention of the topic Williams.

25.Just mention Philadelphia or New York, and the Cowboys cringe.

26.He cringed at the suggestion that his choices have been calculated.

27.Joan Hampton watched Big Mike control Little Mike and often cringed.

28.Cody did nothing, except go to class _ and cringe.

29.Something so insanely goofy that I cringe just thinking about it.

30.When Mr . Godel cringed, she tried to reassure him.

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