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English-Hindi > cringle" sentence in Hindi

cringle in a sentence

11.The latter post necessitated his making frequent journeys, on the incidents of which he based his best known book, " Tom Cringle's Log ".

12.However, Black Brook cannot be le Merebroke as it does not flow to the Tame, but joins Cringle Brook, which flows into the Mersey several miles away via Chorlton Brook.

13."It is inevitably going to produce more grief here-that the same sort of thing could happen so soon after the incident here, " said the Reverend George Cringles.

14.The first mate, Cringle, tries to steer the ship, but he cannot figure out where in the ocean they are, claiming that since the storm, none of the constellations are where they are supposed to be.

15.From the north, Hasty Bank is easily identified in line with Carlton Bank, Cringle Moor, Cold Moor, and Urra Moor which form the more northern facing hills of the range, before sweeping north to become the west facing hills up towards Roseberry Topping.

16.His exhibits at the Old Water-Colour Society in 1838 included two imaginative compositions : " From the Red Rover ", depicting a naval battle, and " From Tom Cringle's Log ", which represented a sinking slave-ship.

17.Smith considered the knot to be strong and secure, saying, " The " Boling knot " is also so firmly made and fastened by the bridles into the cringles of the sails, they will break, or the sail split before it will slip ."

18.It follows the road, south of Pasture Farm, to the west of the East Coast Main Line road bridge, and from the bridge runs due west to the A1 at North Lodge Plantation, and meets Cringle Brook, which meanders alongside the A1 northwards to the village.

19.Manuscript copies of letters from Walker ( writing as Tom Cringle ) to William H . Herndon relating to Abraham Lincoln's defense of William Armstrong for the murder of James Metzker are in the Lincoln Collection at the University of Chicago ( William E . Barton Collection of Lincolniana ) ( 2 letters, 3pp and 2pp ).

20.Shifting to Manila during the day on 16 September 1945, " Richland " shifted berths on the 20th, then moved into the inner harbor on the 22nd to receive of frozen beef from " Cringle Reefer " for the Captain Johnson, Commander Service Division ( ComServDiv ) 73, which went off as planned at 0900 on the 26th.

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