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English-Hindi > cringle" sentence in Hindi

cringle in a sentence

21.During this time, Calhoun takes his turn going down to the cargo hold to feed the creature, who gives him a mystical vision of his life and family that renders him unconscious for three days . When he awakens, he learns that Cringle has since died, leaving only himself, the cook, and several Allmuseri on board the ship, which is rapidly falling apart.

22.During the previous seven years the popular taste had turned toward the " service novel ", examples of which are " Frank Mildmay " ( 1829 ) by Frederick Marryat, " Tom Cringle's Log " ( 1829 ) by Thomas Hamilton, " Stories of Waterloo " ( 1833 ) by William Hamilton Maxwell, " Ben Brace " ( 1840 ) by Frederick Chamier and " The Bivouac " ( 1837 ), also by Maxwell.

23.It begins at Scarth Wood Moor trig point or the western Lyke Wake Stone in Sheepwash car park, follows the summit track from Live Moor over Carlton Moor, Cringle Moor, Cold Moor and Hasty Bank, Smuggler's Trod, Bloworth, Ironstone Railway, Esklets or South Flat Howe or Lion Inn, White Cross ( Fat Betty ), Shunner Howe, Hamer, Blue Man-i'- th'- Moss, Wheeldale Stepping Stones, Fen Bogs, Eller Beck, Lilla Howe, Jugger Howe ravine, Stony Marl Moor, to the eastern Lyke Wake Stone at Beacon Howes or Ravenscar.

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