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English-Hindi > dace" sentence in Hindi

dace in a sentence

11.Until the end of the 18th century dace was transferred Orel diocese.

12.Other common names for the fish include Florida blue dace.

13.These species are brook trout, brown trout, and blacknose dace.

14.Fried dace with salted black beans has many brands in Hong Kong.

15.Nearby groundwater pumping has decreased stream discharge and streamflows and decreased dace habitat.

16.He suggested that his listeners cast an online vote for the Longnose dace.

17.Dace says as she plays imaginary piano keys.

18.This genus unites the Ponto-Caspian daces.

19.The creek provides habitat for crawfish as well as rainbow trout and speckled dace.

20.The museum hired Jacqueline K . Dace as its permanent director in November 2012.

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