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English-Hindi > dace" sentence in Hindi

dace in a sentence

21.Or follow Dick Dace's example.

22.If everything goes smoothly, Dace said, it appears that he is in control.

23.The Russian government forbids two family members from leaving the country together, Dace explains.

24.But Sultanov's wife, cellist Dace Abele Sultanov, hopes for a miracle.

25.SOMERSET PATRIOTS _ Signed LHP Ricardo Jordan, LHP Luis Arroyo and LHP Derek Dace.

26."Dace " cleared Fremantle on 2 December on her sixth war patrol.

27.The Northern Redbelly Dace has thin, flexible rays called " soft-rays ".

28.The dace eats algae and sometimes insects.

29.In July, " Empire Dace " was requistioned by the Royal Navy.

30.She did not say that Dace is the bedrock beneath the shifting sand of their lives.

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