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English-Hindi > dacian" sentence in Hindi

dacian in a sentence

1.Trajan launched a direct attack on the Dacian capital, Sarmizegetusa.

2.Dacian settlements were mainly located in and behind hilltops and mountains.

3.The legion served on campaign during the Dacian wars of Trajan.

4.Daco-Thracian or Thraco-Dacian is the main hypothesis.

5.It also was chosen as the seat of the Dacian diocese.

6.An indigenous Dacian origin for the ore has been ruled out.

7.The Dacian language is considered a variety of the Thracian language.

8.She spent two decades studying Dacian Illyrian people from the area.

9.Vespasian enjoyed support from the majority of the Germanic and Dacian tribes.

10.Their function was to secure the obedience of the Dacian peoples internally.

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