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English-Hindi > dacian" sentence in Hindi

dacian in a sentence

21.Most of the material evidence of the culture suggests it was Dacian.

22.As per usual Roman practice, Dacian males were recruited into Cappadocia.

23.The Celts, meanwhile, threaten to kill all their Dacian captives.

24.The following are some of the attested Dacian kingdoms:

25.The Dacian empire was dependent upon the labour of freemen rather than slaves.

26.Dacians freed prisoners of war and slaves who escaped into the Dacian kingdom.

27.At Tapae they encountered and defeated the Dacian force.

28.Other archaeological findings indicate the existence of a Dacian settlement in this area.

29.Today, some 3, 000 Thraco-Dacian lexical units are known.

30.Language map based on the range of Dacian toponyms.

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