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English-Hindi > dacite" sentence in Hindi

dacite in a sentence

11.The most elevated lava flows and spines are composed of dacite.

12.It is constructed from porphyritic dacite lava flows and lava domes.

13.Dacite clasts cover the inward-sloping walls of the rampart.

14.The volcano has erupted andesite and dacite, both containing hornblende.

15.Escalante and Sairecabur have erupted dark andesites, later also dacites.

16.The dominant volcanic rock at Ciomadul is potassium-rich dacite.

17.Olivine is found in the andesites and quartz in the dacites.

18.The volcano is constructed by dacite and pyroxene or hornblende andesite.

19.The andesite and monzonite are cut by dikes of dacite and rhyolite.

20.In thin section, dacites may have an aphanitic to porphyritic texture.

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