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English-Hindi > dacite" sentence in Hindi

dacite in a sentence

41.Andesites appear as lava flows while dacites form lava domes and dome complexes.

42.The volcano has produced rhyolite, dacite and basalt.

43.Ngualla is intrusive into Precambrian gneisses, quartzites and rhyolite-dacite volcanics.

44.Quaternary Dacite lava flows overlie thich Mesozoic sedimentary sequences.

45.The volcano is composed from andesites and dacites of Pliocene-Pleistocene age.

46.The rocks of Morococala are dominantly dacite and rhyodacite.

47.Mount Shasta can release volcanic ash, pyroclastic flows or dacite and andesite lava.

48.The eruption were explosive tholeiitic andesite and dacite.

49.The mountain is constructed from andesite and dacite.

50.Andesitic enclaves are also present and some dacites border on silicic andesite in composition.

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