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English-Hindi > damnable" sentence in Hindi

damnable in a sentence

21.He wrote letters to the New York papers labeling AC as " damnable ."

22.They are evil and damnable ."

23.The goal is to make these damnable bowl people happy, which means full houses, period.

24.Trenchard refused the offer saying that replacing Salmond at the height of battle would be " damnable ".

25.You see, you can tick that damnable box " actions evidently indicate a vandalism only account ".

26.In any case, more admin attention is undoubtedly required on the recent happenings in that damnable article.

27.But we had to pension that damnable murderer more magnificently than any hero who ever fought for England.

28.Home without the kinks of societal and corporate pressures, frenetic pace ( and damnable cost ) of living.

29.Outlaws, vipers, and damnable people were all used by local newspapers to describe the colonists of Home.

30.The fans may pour on the field and rip up the damnable artificial turf during the last-minute drive.

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