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English-Hindi > dendrology" sentence in Hindi

dendrology in a sentence

21.Bund's main professional interest was forest planning and management, but he also was an expert in the study of tree growth, dendrology, phenology and genetics.

22.And when the International Dendrology Society ( IDS ) made a tour of Central and Southwest Mexico in 1982, Bob participated and collected seed which he brought back and sowed.

23.Seiler, John R ., Jensen, Edward C ., and Peterson, John A . . " Alnus Serrulata Fact Sheet . " VT Forest Biology and Dendrology.

24.Dendrology dated the timbers to 1500BC . In 2010 the foundations of a large timber structure, dated to 4000BC, were found on the Thames foreshore, south of Vauxhall Bridge.

25.She married Bob Berry later that same year . " The story of Bob and Anne Berry of Hackfalls is a classic one in terms of the bonds created by dendrology ".

26.Research accomplishments include discovery of the fossil genus Metasequoia by Dr . Shigeru Miki, as well as ongoing activities in systematics, ecology, physiology, genetics, horticulture, and dendrology.

27.In 1962 Giertych returned to Poland, where he completed his qualifications for an assistant professorship at the Institute of Dendrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences ( PAN ) in K�rnik near PoznaD.

28.From the very beginning the scientific supervision has been provided by professor Urszula Nawrocka-Grze [ kowiak from the Dendrology and Green Area Shaping Department of the West-Pomeranian University of Szczecin.

29.Currently, the Botanical Garden has 5 scientific departments : Dendrology, Phytosozology, Department of flower-ornamental plants, Department of acclimatization of fruit crops, Medicinal plants and new plants cultivation department.

30.The work of the Queenswood Coronation Fund received international recognition in 1981 when the arboretum received the prestigious Dendrology Award from the International Dendrology Society in recognition of the quality of the collection of trees.

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