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English-Hindi > dendrology

dendrology meaning in Hindi

dendrology sentence in Hindi
1.He specialised mainly in landscape architecture, dendrology and pisciculture.

2.He is also President of the International Dendrology Society.

3.He is skilled in the field of dendrology, the identification of tree species.

4.His interests turned towards Dendrology at this point.

5.Dendrology is often confused with botany.

6.Both she and her husband started to pursue their passion for dendrology during the Second World War.

7.Dendrology may be considered a subcategory of botany that specializes in the characterization and identification of woody plants.

8.In total, he produced 167 titles, including works on botany, public parks, and dendrology.

9.However, botany is the study of all types of general plants, while dendrology studies only woody plants.

10.Most scientific research in Bogor is carried out in agriculture, soil science, dendrology, veterinary and ichthyology.

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