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English-Hindi > enamelling" sentence in Hindi

enamelling in a sentence

11.The process for enamelling cast iron bathtubs was invented by the Scottish-born American David Dunbar Buick.

12.The pendant may originally have been further decorated with enamelling on each face and pearls around the edge.

13.Frame building, brakes, wheels, sheet metal work, polishing and enamelling were all carried out in the works.

14.Frit for enamelling steel is typically an alkali borosilicate glass with a thermal expansion and glass temperature suitable for coating steel.

15.The artist was educated at the London Polytechnic in metal work that involved casting, engraving, enamelling and silversmithing in 1978.

16.It was also in Venice that enamelling was resurrected following its decline in the Islamic world ( Gudenrath 2006, 47 ).

17.By the late 1950s, Spears was suffering from an illness that may have been lead poisoning from her work with enamelling.

18.Lead glass was ideally suited for enamelling vessels and windows owing to its lower working temperature than the forest glass of the body.

19.There he gained valuable experience in enamelling and guilloch?engraving, sophisticated techniques which are still being used at the manufacture Victor Mayer today.

20.The cloisonn?enamelling of the sceptre head with the two falcons surmounting it has no parallels in the Aegean, but shows a strong Egyptian influence.

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