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English-Hindi > enamelling" sentence in Hindi

enamelling in a sentence

31.This came to an end in June 1806 and John Brown continued the business at Hanley, which had included the manufacture of earthenware, enamelling and gilding.

32.He arrived in Cornwall in 1888 as a painter and illustrator and in 1890 founded the Newlyn Industrial Class, instructing local people in metalwork; enamelling and embroidery.

33.His book " Art Ruined My Career in Crime " 1977 set out more information on his enamelling method and has many colour illustrations of his artwork.

34.The Buick automobile company was founded by David Dunbar Buick with wealth earned by his development of improved enamelling processes, circa 1887, for sheet steel and cast iron.

35.The classic brown Rockingham glaze was used, the rights to which Baguley had acquired after the closure of the pottery, with much use of gilding and occasional enamelling.

36.In later years they stopped making bicycles and moved on to enamelling, electroplating and other contract work, including making some parts for the prototype of the Concorde aircraft.

37.Developments that followed during the 20th century include enamelling-grade steel, cleaned-only surface preparation, automation, and ongoing improvements in efficiency, performance, and quality.

38.He returned to the Central School and remained there, teaching goldsmithing and enamelling, and became the first head of silversmithing, and later principal of the school in 1936.

39.Anton H�m introduced in the Kremnica Mint enamelling of lapel pins and order ( honour )-s that were very popular and have been produced for leading companies in the state.

40.Ernestine Bell attended the Slade Art School, Finsbury Central Technical School, and South Kensington School of Art; an apprentice to Frederic Shields, she also studied enamelling under Alexander Fisher.

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