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English-Hindi > enchiridion" sentence in Hindi

enchiridion in a sentence

11.A portrait of Bayfield, aged 25, by William Faithorne, dated 1654, is prefixed to the Enchiridion.

12.In 1623 D'Espagnet wrote " Arcanum Hermeticae philosophiae " and " Enchiridion physicae restitutae ".

13.The resulting work was eventually re-drafted by Erasmus and expanded into the " Enchiridion militis Christiani ".

14.Then the book starts to shake while the pieces start to fall off as the Enchiridion turns into a black block.

15.Around 1625-28 he published " Enchiridion historiae naturalis ", which in 1657 would be translated into English.

16.He was the author of " Enchiridion botanicum parisiense ", a study of the flora local to Paris, and"

17.The " Enchiridion, seu Manuale Confessariorum ", which was compiled by Alagona, went through at least twenty-three editions.

18.To avoid clashing, More brought out his book, the " Enchiridion ethicum ", in Latin; Cudworth's never appeared.

19.Probably the most famous was his " Enchiridion controversiarum pr�cipuarum nostri temporis de Religione " ( Cologne, 1585, 1587, 1589, 1593 ).

20.The " Enchiridion " is an appeal on Christians to act in accordance with the Christian faith rather than merely performing the necessary rites.

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