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English-Hindi > exterminated" sentence in Hindi

exterminated in a sentence

1.So far, efforts to control or exterminate them have failed.

2."They should be exterminated, " he said.

3.But a vigilant quarantine officer spotted them and had them exterminated.

4.The Khmer Rouge systematically exterminated every educated Cambodian during its rule.

5.After the war, the communists set out to exterminate them.

6.Neither is the tragic story of the six million exterminated Jews.

7.It is a plan to exterminate the whole Armenian people ".

8.He exterminated 9 monarchs and subjugated 12 others in his campaigns.

9.The supporters of Sima Lun were also hunted down and exterminated.

10.East India Company, decided to exterminate and eliminate the Pindaris.

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