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English-Hindi > exterminated" sentence in Hindi

exterminated in a sentence

41.Algerian authorities blamed the killings on extremists, vowing to exterminate them.

42.Algerian authorities vowed again Tuesday to exterminate the the militants.

43.We witness how the future of Belarusian nation is exterminated.

44.Authorities plan to exterminate more than 300, 000 pigs.

45.Her parents own an exterminating company called Able Termite Control.

46.He also criticized the military for failing to exterminate prominent rebel leaders.

47.I was able to exterminate terrorism, something many viewed as impossible.

48.More than 6 million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis.

49.These murders happened in a place that was created for exterminating people,

50.One of which is getting Rollo to exterminate five cute animals himself.

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