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English-Hindi > fabled" sentence in Hindi

fabled in a sentence

11.Thankfully, urban sprawl has not consumed the fabled Eastern Shore.

12.The fabled parachute jump is in foul territory beyond right field.

13.At twilight, Harlem's fabled street life bursts forth.

14.Nobody wants to see that fabled streak end on his watch.

15.Sometimes the best thing about New Yorkers is their fabled provincialism.

16.But similarities to Harry Potter's fabled witchcraft academy abound.

17.The show will commemorate the fabled summer's 30th anniversary.

18.Still, the fabled unity of Mitsubishi has begun to fray.

19.Munakata was known for the fabled speediness in which he worked,

20.Iraqi authorities have promised a fierce fight for the fabled capital.

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