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English-Hindi > fabled" sentence in Hindi

fabled in a sentence

31.He was beginning his fabled ascent to the chairman's office.

32.Stead implemented many changes, many of them now fabled as flops.

33.Zigun said he was sad to leave the fabled boardwalk.

34.The Herbfarm offers a storybook setting for its fabled food.

35.Or on a fabled stretch of water in central Oregon.

36.It was the fastest he had ever traveled around the fabled Brickyard.

37.Among the most imperiled of these birds is the fabled wandering albatross.

38.She was a former jet-setting Hollywood wife and fabled hostess.

39.And baseball still has the fabled " bonus babies ."

40.Lee is a fabled racial conciliator but supports affirmative action.

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