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English-Hindi > flippantly" sentence in Hindi

flippantly in a sentence

21.A . R . Gurney's flippantly urbane romantic comedy, the phrase is merely descriptive.

22.But, he said, " We don't want to make this change flippantly.

23.Vlad behaves flippantly during the conversation, but has no intention of attempting to kill his goddess.

24.Embarrassed that Cliff has seen her, Pat treats him flippantly and he calls her a tramp.

25.My contribution, fwiw, was not meant flippantly, which is why I said " seriously ".

26.In his precise delineation of English manners, he searchingly explored emotional territory that he had treated flippantly before.

27.Until the last few weeks Fox has flippantly ignored Congress _ which in turn has largely rejected his proposals.

28.Higgins flippantly recommends Doolittle to an American millionaire who has written to Higgins seeking a lecturer on moral values.

29.Keep in mind also that using the name of the God " flippantly " is common practice in English.

30.White characters were chastised and punished for using the word while black people were free to use it flippantly.

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