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English-Hindi > flowchart" sentence in Hindi

flowchart in a sentence

31.Even the flowchart, humble though it may be, is a significant step.

32.But when I went to structured languages in 1981, flowcharts no longer applied.

33.Thailand National List of Essential Medicines Process Flowchart.

34.Flowcharts provide a useful and straightforward visual reference for all members of an organization.

35.The flowcharts are virtually idiot-proof.

36.The process specification can consist of pseudo-code, flowcharts, or structured English.

37.Dialogs are clicked together in a Flowchart.

38.Now consider that the humble flowchart forms the basis of all processes in use today.

39.*Don't use the word flowchart in the first description of the ban.

40.-On corporate flowchart, you're now listed under " Deadwood ."

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