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English-Hindi > flowchart" sentence in Hindi

flowchart in a sentence

41.Flowcharts depict certain aspects of processes and they are usually complemented by other types of diagram.

42.Modern techniques such as Drakon-charts can be considered to be extensions of the flowchart.

43.It features more of these and fewer of the flowcharts, style, fashion and quizzes.

44.It carries articles on fashion, celebrities, flowcharts, true stories, problems and embarrassing moments.

45.A level 4 flowchart represents the most amount of detail, and can include hundreds of steps.

46.And the claim above is in direct contradiction to the flowchart which describes how to build consensus.

47.This intricately detailed flowchart traced the group's roots and complicated membership history over the years.

48.It is usually block-structured like popular programming languages, though you do sometimes see flowcharts.

49.Incorporated on the principles of Islamic fundamentalism, Hamas is an enterprise with an obscure flowchart of command.

50.Control and decision structures are often prototyped in flowchart applications, or entered in a state diagram editor.

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