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English-Hindi > gadflies" sentence in Hindi

gadflies in a sentence

21.Gus Dur was the classic case of a gadfly acting as president,

22.Generating controversy is nothing new to Glantz, a gadfly on steroids.

23.Breton enjoys an image of a writer and intellectual gadfly.

24.Q : What's it like being such a media gadfly?

25.Elected in 1970, Aspin eventually relinquished his gadfly posture.

26.Zhang has long been a gadfly to China's cultural authorities.

27.His relationship with other women has been the gadfly of this presidency.

28.The second argument is that his career as a gadfly is notable.

29.It's not easy being a gadfly but it can be fun.

30.Coles : I think Mr . Monks is a self-proclaimed gadfly.

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