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English-Hindi > gadflies" sentence in Hindi

gadflies in a sentence

41.How come nobody ever says that Innis, a conservative gadfly, was robbed?

42.Yet Mansfield is more than a university gadfly.

43.The shadow conventions are the brainchild of Arianna Huffington, the columnist and gadfly.

44.Yet for much of this year, Malaysia has been globalization's gadfly.

45.The critics of the fast-track techniques were long cast as disgruntled gadflies.

46.He is artist, hero, griot, goad, gadfly, crush material.

47.In the midst of it all, Khan stood as an unrepentant political gadfly.

48.These parents were not gadflies and chronic complainers.

49.Not so, retorted frequent APEC gadfly Malaysia.

50."Live in New York City " ( Gadfly ) _ Black 47

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