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English-Hindi > grange" sentence in Hindi

grange in a sentence

21.Close to Haldenby Grange is a listed barn and horse mill.

22.Bruce Logan was once Middleton Grange's former curriculum director.

23.He finished his secondary school studies at Grange School, Santiago.

24.It was at a Grange dance, I think Ron said.

25.It opened to the public as Woodthorpe Grange Park in 1922.

26.He was state lecturer for the Grange from 1889 to 1891.

27.The Stonington Grange took over maintenance of the structure and grounds.

28.By 1854, there were over 100 buildings in La Grange.

29.La Grange became the county seat of Stanislaus County in 1856.

30.In 1926, Goebel played for the Yankees alongside Red Grange.

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