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English-Hindi > grange" sentence in Hindi

grange in a sentence

31.Outside La Grange was a brothel known as the Chicken Ranch.

32.The woman in question, Susan Grange, became lady Philby.

33.Fulwell Grange Christian School was founded by Elizabeth Gray in 1988.

34.Wilson was named the game's Grange-Griffin MVP.

35.The Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club is on Grange Road.

36.It had its UK premiere in 2001 at Grange Park Opera.

37.He is buried in Edinburgh with his parents in Grange Cemetery.

38.In retirement Heath lived at Anstie Grange in Holmwood in Surrey.

39.Huggins supplied stone quarried from his own land at Hadlow Grange.

40.The parish is sometimes hyphenated as Grange-de-Lings.

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