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English-Hindi > hajji" sentence in Hindi

hajji in a sentence

21.Several months after, Tejano was replaced by Hajji Kaami�o.

22.His brother Hajji Halim Datumulok was appointed as Mayor of the town.

23.Hajji Muhammad Zaman on Tuesday, who negotiated with al-Qaida commanders.

24.It said she used the name Laila Hajji Hussein.

25.Malaysia launched Tabung Hajji more than 35 years ago.

26.Hajji Abdul Majeed has asked businessmen and homeowners to paint their premises white.

27.Hajji Alla, a senior aide to Mullah Omar.

28.Hajji Mirza Aqasi, the Prime Minister, was antagonistic to M�rz?Buzurg.

29.Hajji Abdul Samad Bhikoo also led prayers on occasion.

30.For this purpose, Hajjis were imported from Mecca.

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