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English-Hindi > hajji" sentence in Hindi

hajji in a sentence

31.Mulatu's guards killed Hajji Omar Khorchee instantly.

32.The evidence of disruptive editing by Atabek provided by Hajji Piruz is false.

33.Thanks . Hajji Piruz 16 : 13, 3 September 2007 ( UTC)

34.Thanks . Hajji Piruz 03 : 58, 6 September 2007 ( UTC)

35.MATS aircraft and personnel from Wheelus participated in Operation Hajji Baba in 1952.

36.Additional note : User : Hajji Piruz may be a suspect here too.

37.He was appointed patriarch under the sponsorship of the Christian emir Hajji Togai:

38.Men who have completed the hajj are known as hajji, women as hajjah.

39.The oldest and wisest among them, Hajji Murad Khan, is holding court.

40.His brother, 60-year-old Hajji Mohammed, did not survive.

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