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English-Hindi > haywire" sentence in Hindi

haywire in a sentence

31.Or, if your thermostat is wireless, it has gone haywire.

32.There is no shortage of warning signs that things could go haywire.

33.When he gets going with his bat, cricket statistics go haywire.

34.When Lara gets going with his bat, cricket statistics go haywire.

35.Window on Jordan : Our spending habits in Ramadan go haywire

36.Yes, the piracy and illegal copying situation is going completely haywire.

37.To some, it's simply a prudery that went haywire.

38.This time, the results of a scientific experiment have gone haywire.

39.And from there it kind of went a bit haywire.

40.They encounter a world where biological reality has run haywire.

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