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English-Hindi > haywire" sentence in Hindi

haywire in a sentence

41.It has gone all haywire and I didn't touch anything.

42."It would drive the economics haywire, " she said.

43.But something went haywire on the path to progress.

44."It just got haywire, " she told the agents.

45.But that's what normal people do when their lives go haywire.

46.What happened was that Jack Klass would go haywire.

47.As with other military endeavors of the time, the experiment went haywire.

48.Not because Michael Irvin might have gone haywire with a pair of scissors.

49.Proponents say the changes are reintroducing fairness in a legal system gone haywire.

50.In his attempt to cover up the death, Maxwell goes seriously haywire.

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