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English-Hindi > incriminate" sentence in Hindi

incriminate in a sentence

21.She held up what she said were campaign receipts incriminating him.

22.She held up what she said were campaign receipts incriminating Samper.

23.The witness accounts that have incriminated him have not been confirmed.

24.Under commission rules, most witnesses are protected from incriminating themselves.

25.Korzhakov has threatened to reveal incriminating documents against unspecified government officials.

26.Boban could have incriminated them, were he indicted and tried.

27.The inspectors said they found nothing incriminating at the palace compounds.

28.The police report makes no mention of incriminating evidence against Ledezma,

29.The tapes, they argued, contained no directly incriminating evidence.

30.Zacharias said the group's photos turned up nothing incriminating.

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