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English-Hindi > institutionalize" sentence in Hindi

institutionalize in a sentence

11.Later, the boy had a mental breakdown and was institutionalized.

12.These assumptions have become institutionalized, and the disparity is unarguable.

13.It's a big job because the vampires are institutionalized.

14.If laws are neither institutionalized nor implemented, they are useless.

15.At that time, most of the mentally retarded were institutionalized.

16.I believe the Martha Graham Company needs to become more institutionalized.

17.The next step would be to institutionalize these ad hoc teams,

18.The culture of hate has been so institutionalized in our system.

19.Q : How can you institutionalize the mindset for continuous change?

20.The Zags basketball program has institutionalized this penchant for graceful labor.

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