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English-Hindi > institutionalize" sentence in Hindi

institutionalize in a sentence

41.The Discipline is institutionalized throughout the Andaluc�a region in southern Spain.

42.He informs him that he is gay and had been institutionalized.

43.This created a problem for the institutionalized practice of indentured servitude.

44.Their conclusion was to turn to another institutionalized practice : slavery.

45.An institutionalized Hungarian parliament emerged during the 14th and 15th centuries.

46.The movie proceeds through a series of glimpses of institutionalized routine.

47.The tainted atmosphere is institutionalized in conscienceless, consultant-driven politics.

48.The modernizers in the army want to legalize it and institutionalize it.

49.It took awhile for me to adjust to religion being so institutionalized.

50.Until recently, parents were told to institutionalize children with oval eyes.

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