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English-Hindi > jailbird" sentence in Hindi

jailbird in a sentence

31.Thus the jailbird turned deadman had been revived as the devils soul harbinger " Evil Ernie ".

32.Vijay finally infiltrates Boopathy's gang under the name Ranjith Kumar as an ex-jailbird.

33.In the old days, the jailbirds rated my chili the best served behind bars . "'

34.The authors are appalled by our lock-up mania, but they don't idealize jailbirds.

35.The " Jailbird " also plummets spectacularly, but you'd expect nothing less from Bruckheimer.

36.Boston fans taunted Garcia in the ninth with a sing-song chant of " Jailbird ."

37.While delivering groceries to an elderly Mr . Burns, he rescues him from a robbery by Snake Jailbird.

38.Santa's Little Helper catches Snake Jailbird who is taken to court, but freed on a technicality.

39."Democracy has been raped, " cried the former jailbird, who served time for cocaine possession.

40.Elizabeth S . Grubman, the Manhattan publicist turned Long Island jailbird, has inadvertently done New York a favor.

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