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English-Hindi > jailbird

jailbird meaning in Hindi

jailbird sentence in Hindi
1.Runners-up included the Vipers, the Venom and the Jailbirds.

2.Makin'myself a jailbird was just what they wanted ."

3.The best-selling books here these days are all by jailbirds.

4.The Web site is more than a Home Shopping Network for jailbirds.

5.And even by jailbird standards, his hair is filthy.

6.And Connick is luridly enjoyable as the sleazy jailbird.

7.He was also a black radical and a jailbird.

8.The riding took a decidedly insulting form, ranging from monkey to jailbird.

9.That's when the jailbirds chimed in and got Huffman in trouble.

10.Inadvertent laughs : Joe has a gratuitously jailbird brother.

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a criminal who has been jailed repeatedly
Synonyms: jail bird, gaolbird,

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