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English-Hindi > kaftan" sentence in Hindi

kaftan in a sentence

31.Victoria awakes and confronts Kaftan, who threatens to shoot her if she tries opening the hatch.

32.Klieg and Kaftan step out, and Klieg fires the laser in the direction of the Doctor.

33.The death of Kaftan and the urging of the Doctor shake Toberman out of his controlled state.

34.The men's robe is also called a boubou, see Senegalese kaftan for further information.

35.Together, they designed and made ceramic jewellery, art pottery and beach clothes such as kaftans.

36.Kaftan, 55, added : " All my kids care about is a sense of security.

37.Roussos sold over 60 million albums worldwide and became " an unlikely kaftan-wearing sex symbol ".

38.American hippie fashions of the late 1960s and the 1970s often drew from ethnic styles, including kaftans.

39.Kaftan shoots it, but the normal gun has no effect and she is shot by the Controller.

40.In 1989, the NCAA voted teammate George Kaftan to the all-decade team of the 1940s.

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