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English-Hindi > kaftan" sentence in Hindi

kaftan in a sentence

41.In 1856 Nikita Lisitsyn received a medal and a kaftan in recognition of a quality of his samovars.

42.That leaves Oklahoma, and with tourney MVP Kaftan in charge, the Sooners fall, 58-47.

43.The Crusaders, led by Kaftan's 30-point game, defeated the Beavers 60 to 45.

44.Alika, his fall / winter range consisted of finely worked jalabiyas, kaftan saris and anarkali-churidars.

45.Commoners started to wear long woolen coats, but wealthy men persisted with their silk kaftans decorated with furs.

46.La Maison du Kaftan Marocain, Maktoub, Kif Kif, and Kulchi all have their home in Mouassine.

47.Residents in Hamburg said the suspects often played loud Eastern music and often walked the streets in kaftans or turbans.

48.For evening Armani offers kaftan gowns, delicate velvet slip dresses and dazzling sequined jackets worn with matte velvet trousers.

49.He then embarked on a freewheeling lifestyle of drugs and parties, growing his hair and adopting colorful velvet kaftans.

50.These were where psychedelic clothing, such as kaftans, Victoriana, mini skirts and everything floral could be found.

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