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English-Hindi > ladyships" sentence in Hindi

ladyships in a sentence

31.The Orcs of the Tower of Cirith Ungol called her " Shelob the Great " and " Her Ladyship ", and referred to Gollum as " Her Sneak ".

32.Around 1940, Chapman was involved in a short-lived business called Her Ladyship Gowns, formed with Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt and her sister, Thelma Furness, Viscountess Furness.

33.A lady in the rank of an or or the senior ladyship held the reins of power in the Loku, while attaining the influence equivalent to a RMjk in Edo Castle.

34.By 1913, Studholme was appearing in music hall comedy sketches, including one entitled " Her Ladyship ", at the Wood Green Empire in London, and touring in variety shows.

35.Lordship and Ladyship within a family is hereditary via agnatic primogeniture, that is if there are no direct male heirs to become the next ruling Lord, a female heir may become ruling Lady.

36.He played at Manchester and Dublin in " Her Ladyship's Guardian ", his own adaptation of Edward B . Hamley's novel " Lady Lee's Widowhood ".

37."Dear Sir, I am directed by Lady Blantyre to trouble you again to look for the measurement of Eaglescairnie Mains and send it to me for her Ladyship says you are apt to forget.

38.Scrubbing his teeth with bleach and streaking shoe polish into his hair, Jacobi delivers a daring performance as a queen with sharp fangs ( Bacon is dubbed " her ladyship " by his circle ).

39.Not only did she seek added prestige for the first ladyship, but she also worked to improve the stature of the wives of the diplomatic corps, the cabinet, the Congress, and the Supreme Court.

40.Because Catherine became the Queen of England after wedding its king, Charles II . By most historical accounts, Queens was named for her ladyship, just as Kings County ( aka Brooklyn ) was named for him.

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