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English-Hindi > ladyships" sentence in Hindi

ladyships in a sentence

41.Dolley Madison popularized the First Ladyship by engaging in efforts to assist orphans and women, by dressing in elegant fashions and attracting newspaper coverage, and by risking her life to save iconic treasures during the War of 1812.

42.Emulating British colonialists has not been high on the agenda of Hong Kong's incoming government, but when it comes to honors _ knighthoods, ladyships and the like _ the new order appears determined to keep tradition alive.

43.Judges of the High Court and Court of Appeal are addressed ( when sitting in those courts ) as " My Lord " or " My Lady " and referred to as " Your Lordship " or " Your Ladyship ".

44.Bates then invite O'Brien to his cottage, and whispers the words " her ladyship's soap " in her ear, before warning her that unless she calls Jimmy off, he will not keep her secret.

45.Speaking on behalf of the CBA, Fraser said he welcomed the appointment for two reasons : " First and foremost, as a lawyer and a judge her Ladyship has demonstrated her worthiness to sit on the highest court in Canada.

46.She was a memorable Ophelia opposite Paul Scofield in the lead role of " Hamlet ", and appeared as Her Ladyship in the film version of Ronald Harwood's play " Man at the Top " as Susan Lampton.

47.Eventually the room was cleared, but not until a blow had been struck, for being armed with an antiquated sword, her ladyship drew the weapon, and a short struggle ensued, resulting in the snapping of the blade of the weapon.

48.And Hillary, refusing to believe anything that might shorten her first ladyship, lashed out at a " vast right-wing conspiracy " that somehow induced a 21-year-old to tell a faithless friend how she seduced the president.

49."The man could do no wrong'til he was caught out with her ladyship, " he said in reference to the exposure of Clinton's affair with Lewinsky . " How he escaped impeachment _ he must have been a genius ."

50.Originally a businessman, he later became a journalist who also wrote about 30 pot-boiler romantic novels with titles including " The Old Factory ", " Strange Crimes " and " Her Ladyship's Secret ".

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