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English-Hindi > layabout" sentence in Hindi

layabout in a sentence

11.In relative terms, Kerry has been a layabout in comparison to Dean.

12.Still others have been reduced to layabout kindling.

13.You think our admins ( apart from yourself, presumably ) are ignorant layabouts?

14.Meanwhile, his layabout twin brother George decides to avenge the family name himself.

15.Ned is not just a rummy layabout.

16.Weld has often portrayed many of the poor as layabouts who use welfare as a hammock.

17.As for hulking layabout Ed, he loves Shaun, video games and very little else.

18.She also starred as the mother of layabout Paul Calf ( played by Steve Coogan ).

19.I'm a confirmed  Ne'r-do-well, layabouts and idler.

20.It will prevent the no-good layabouts from getting hard-working white people angrier and angrier.

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