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English-Hindi > layabout" sentence in Hindi

layabout in a sentence

21.They are moonshine artists, drunks, layabouts, and occasionally engage in shooting matches during family quarrels.

22."People think it's just about long-haired layabouts who are anti-establishment.

23.To leave for surfing was radical at a time when surfers were regarded as long-haired layabouts.

24.Alleged humorist Pauly Shore plays Pauly Sherman, the layabout son of a wealthy widower ( David Dukes ).

25.Besides, as my guidance counselor said about all us losers, laggards and layabouts, they have potential.

26.But her biggest burden is her layabout husband and his ne'er-do-well sidekick, Joxer.

27."Son In Law " ) as a layabout rich kid whose widowed dad marries a buxom bimbo.

28.I have yet to see an Alexi Lalas-level loafer / layabout besmirch the Women's World Cup.

29.Ligging was first spotted by the OED in 1960 _ " the mere ` ligging'layabout ."

30.They were, in the slang of the British Midlands, " dossers " _ slackers, layabouts.

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