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English-Hindi > leaden" sentence in Hindi

leaden in a sentence

21.The forewings are leaden grey with three red lines from the dorsum.

22.The forewings are dark fuscous, with strong bluish-leaden reflections.

23.There is a leaden-grey line around the apex and termen.

24.A leaden-grey spot adjoins an apical blotch beneath.

25.The forewings are bronzy-blackish with metallic leaden-grey markings.

26.A leaden-grey line is found around the apex and termen.

27.The forewings are leaden grey with numerous fuscous dots on the veins.

28.At least one group has found gold in Canada's leaden economy.

29.So were the napkins ( paper ) and the croissants ( leaden ).

30.The rest of the people in this book speak in equally leaden terms.

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