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English-Hindi > leaden" sentence in Hindi

leaden in a sentence

31.When the squabbling lovers stumble into the woods, the pace turns leaden.

32.Leaden skies and cold winds gave way to sunshine in downtown Atlanta Saturday.

33.ABC is silent, maybe because this trial balloon has proved so leaden.

34.My tongue was numb, and within a minute my limbs were leaden.

35.Then without warning, the Blazers turned leaden as the Northwest winter sky.

36.Gore made a leaden attempt to capitalize on Bush's embarrassing moment.

37.But there's no escaping the leaden tone.

38.The leaden clouds began to rain Daunte Culpepper adjectives.

39.FOR FANS OF : Leaden performances, dicey sound, self-destruction.

40.A leaden overcast has clung to the central Southern California coast this week.

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