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English-Hindi > maastricht" sentence in Hindi

maastricht in a sentence

21.The Treaty of Maastricht considerably enlarged the Committee's domain.

22.Lanaken is located on the Dutch border, bordering Maastricht directly.

23.The building had cost around ten million treaty in nearby Maastricht.

24.Maastricht School of Management is also recognized by the Chinese government.

25.He also taught at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht.

26.Only France, Ireland and Denmark held referendums on Maastricht ratification.

27.The railway station is located on the Maastricht ( Netherlands ).

28.He then taught at Stellenbosch University and in Tilburg and Maastricht.

29.Gover joined the Dutch Army and was assigned to defend Maastricht.

30.After the war, Gover stayed at his home of Maastricht.

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