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English-Hindi > macadam" sentence in Hindi

macadam in a sentence

21.Nyro started out as a child of the macadam.

22.I-95 is the black macadam ribbon that ties Miami to Maine.

23.Assistant coached Denis Savard and Al MacAdam directed the team from the bench.

24.The macadam method spread very quickly across the world.

25.Schr�dinger's work was further developed by David MacAdam and Siegfried R�sch.

26.As constructed, the road was one lane wide and consisted of macadam.

27.The platforms had tar macadam surfacing with stone edging.

28.The alignment would be wide, with of macadam.

29.Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam is a leading knot making techniques to create her work.

30.MacAdam is best known for her work with large-scale textile structures.

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