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English-Hindi > macadam" sentence in Hindi

macadam in a sentence

31.MacAdam has also designed textiles commissioned for stage display.

32.The Macadam Building was then built over 1972 75.

33.Rain-puddles, peacock feathers on macadam.

34.Outside the church, beside the macadam parking lot, stands a historical marker.

35.By Frank Turner Hollon . ( MacAdam / Cage Publishing, $ 23 ),

36.CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS _ Named Al MacAdam assistant coach.

37.Assistants Denis Savard and Al MacAdam will handle the coaching for the remaining games.

38.In 1903 Hooley formed Tar Macadam Syndicate Ltd and registered Tarmac as a trademark.

39.This mineral provides bulk for concrete and macadam.

40.In 2007, Macadam / Cage published Greenman's second collection of stories.

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