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English-Hindi > mackles" sentence in Hindi

mackles in a sentence

31.On October 19, 2016, it was announced by WWE that Mackle had signed a developmental contract with the company and had arrived at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

32.A number of well-known local families and people were from, or lived in, Brannock such as MacCulla, Calvert, McComb, McGivern, Morrow, Alexander and Mackle.

33.Kevin Mackle, 21, was killed in 1998 when the machine at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec, tipped over when he shook it, trying to dislodge a drink.

34.In the 1950s, the now defunct General Development Corporation led by the Mackle brothers decided to take advantage of the Florida land boom and developed land primarily on both of Florida's coastlines.

35.In 1871, while droving sheep from the Pilbara to Geraldton, Burges shot and killed an Aboriginal man known only as " Mackle-yell ", in a dispute over a stolen saddle.

36.Freshstart and the others " understand the needs of cabbies a lot better than a regular bank, " said Bob Mackle, a lawyer, insurance broker and tax adviser to taxi drivers.

37.In the $ 665, 000 lawsuit, Mackle's family blamed the defendants " for the moral harm and material loss " _ such as funeral costs _ resulting from the accident.

38.Schier was added to the list in 1968, for participating in the kidnapping-for-ransom of land heiress Barbara Jane Mackle in Decatur, Georgia in a plan concocted by her boyfriend, Krist.

39.He wrote two nonfiction books : " 83 Hours Till Dawn, " an account of a notorious Florida kidnapping in which the victim, Barbara Jane Mackle, was buried alive, and " Invitation to a Lynching ."

40.In 1958, General Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Mackle Brothers, bought tens of thousands of acres of land along the St . Lucie River in the southern part of the county in order to build a new community.

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